Local Attractions the 8 Greats of Dublin

The Old Library at Trinity College
a “must see” on the itinerary of all
visitors to Dublin.

Local Attractions the 8 Greats of Dublin

Dublin is the kick off point for many tours in Ireland whether you are here for the week or the year. There is so much worth seeing that we can’t possibly fit them all in here, but here are a few for the upcoming summer season to give you a feel for our capital city. Check in later for our Autumn, Winter, and Spring Collection.

8. Make a Splash in Dublin

Like most cities Dublin has a hop on and off bus tour that allows you to visit a host of attractions as you go around. Unlike most capital cities you can also tour the main sights of Dublin on a Viking vehicle that works on water too. Viking Splash Tours are one of our favourite ways to view Dublin, and it’s certainly a change from the standard bus.

7. Trinity College Dublin

Right in the heart of the city centre, Trinity is steeped in history as well as being a top university. Take in the cobbled stoned squares, hang out on the greens with a book, or catch a glimpse of the world famous Book of Kells, in a library straight out of the pages of a Harry Potter book.

The entrance to Stephen’s Green in the centre of Dublin.

6. St. Stephen’s Green

This is an insider’s tip. Stephen’s Green is right in the centre of Dublin at the top of Grafton street right next to the LUAS. It is a 27 acre Victorian park and very popular all year round. This is where we love to hang out in the summer, and it is a great place to catch a free lunch time concert. Great place for music lovers.

5. Guinness Storehouse

You quite simply can’t visit Dublin without taking in the Guinness Storehouse. Home of the black stuff, it has a great museum and there is a 360 degree panoramic view of Dublin from the Gravity Bar on the top floor where you can happily sip your Guinness.

4. Molly Malone

No matter where you live in the world there’s an Irish pub. Chances are that it’s also called Molly Malone. Molly Malone is the unofficial anthem of Ireland (as well as a story about a fishmonger) and we suggest you learn a verse or two so you can honour the statue in proper tradition by singing by her side in the centre of Dublin.

Dublin’s Pheonix Park, one of the
largest city centre parks in the world,
home to herds of deer.

3. Irish Food Walking Tour

Most people go on a literary tour in Ireland seeing as we have a disproportionate number of famous and quite simply brilliant writers on our little island. The literary tour is to be highly recommended but an often overlooked tour is the Irish Food Walking Tour. Go off the beaten track and well beyond the stereotypical Guinness stew and Irish potato dishes and find the best of modern Irish food. You won’t be hungry at the end either!

2. Bambi in the Phoenix Park

The president lives here, and although you may not be able to spot him everyday there are always the wild deer around to catch a glimpse of. Dublin Zoo is also on the grounds and over 2,000 events take place here every year. Phoenix Park quite simply makes for a great day out.

1. Leprechaun Museum

We’re all familiar with the little green Irish man who can grant you three wishes should you meet him, and we’re probably not the first to go in search of his gold at the bottom of the rainbow, but did you know he has a Leprechaun Museum right in the centre of Dublin. This is quite simply a fun and magical experience.